Ricetto of Candelo

Rua del Ricetto - Ricetto RuaRIcetto dall' alto - Ricetto air vision Ricetto dalle mura esterne - Ricetto from outside walls


The Ricetto, one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy, is visited every year by Italian and foreign tourists. It is a late medieval (13th and 14th century) colletive fortified structure built by local population. The The name Ricetto comes form the latin word "Receptum" that, in the Middle ages, simply meant "Shelter". The Candelo Ricetto was the shelter for people in wartime, while it was simply a warehouse for sail products and a community wine-cellar in pacetime.
The fortress has a pseudo-pentagonal design, with a perimeter of about 467 meters and a surface of about sq. Meters 13.000, 110 meters wide and 120 meters long: walking down its "rue" ("narrow streets") offers visitors fascinating perspectives of rural Middle Ages.
Within the walls there are about 200 buildings, one different from the other and, despite a few exceptions, they are all private properties. The public ones are locations for museums and research establishements for futher projects.
The Ricetto is not only a container of events, but a special cultural and tourist destination: inside the ancient walls there is the start of many museum projects and itineraries to discover and experience at first hand the true Middle Ages.
The Ricetto was the set of movies, serial dramas and TV programs as "La Freccia Nera" (original and remake), "I Promessi Sposi", "Virginia la Monaca di Monza" and TV programmes or TV documentaries.


The integrated Museum System

The Ricetto museums are important parts of the cultural-touristic mosaic, made of things, tecniques, tools, materials, projects...
Outside the walls, if you like green or typical landscapes and culture, you can chose among many itineraries: the Green Itinerary towards the Baraggia, the Wine Itinerary towards the "laboratory vineyard", the Fiath Itinerary to churches and frescoes.
To increase the value of this heritage, the integrated museums system, includes services and displays inside and outside the fortress walls.
a) inside the hamlet: the Ricetto as Gate to Middle Ages, rural civilization and culture in its museums
- Tourists' Reception Office, open every day for reception, infopoint, museums' shop...
- Itinerary down the "rue" ("streets"), the museums, the "lizza" path, the observatory tower, the patrol way...
- Ceremony Hall, temporary exhibitions and documentary films about the hamlet
- Ecomuseum of wineyard cultivation and wine
- Documentation Centre of Piedmont Ricetti
- Historical Archives
- Mounting of environment, vineyard and wines museum is in progress
- Art and Culture Shops, also used by artists and craftmen as studios: sculpture and wood art; painting; manufacturing of historical costumes; iron crafts; ceramics; production of old music instruments; private collections; painting on silk and painted glass
b) itinerary around the walls under the towers shadow
c) itineraries outside the walls: Candelo and its historical and natural landscapes
- Green Itinerary: walk south-east "under the ancient towers shadow" with viewpoint, old mills and the old icehouse; the Green Room in the charming Baraggia with pic-nic area; small sport-fishing lake
- Red Itinerary: wine and Ecovineyard laboratory with posters
- Blue Itinerary of Faith: Candelo churches and frescoes (the Painted Prayer)
d) books: all books refer to Ricetto, Baraggia, vineyard and wine museum, farmer traditions. It includes a didactic file.